Film Buzz: Three Movie Trailers Out This Week You Need to Watch

‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ The trailer for Ben Stiller’s newest film (and a rumored Oscar contender), The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, packages together fantasy, adventure, and impressive cinematography—and channels some Spike Jonze style. With very little dialogue … Continue reading

Today: Top 3 Entertainment Stories You Need To Know

FILM: Venice Film Festival Line-up Announced The line-up for the 70th Venice Film Festival has been announced, touting a celebrated list which includes American filmmakers such as Terry Gilliam (for The Zero Theorem starring Christoph Waltz and Matt Damon), James … Continue reading

Five Juiciest Reveals of Comic-Con: From Superman to ‘Veronica Mars’

The streets of San Diego are glittering with geek dust today as the famed Comic-Con commenced on Sunday, wrapping up a four-day event which bubbled with excitement, and was full of cosplay outfits, industry parties, and major fandom recognition. Pop-culture … Continue reading

The Daily Beast: Thai Pop Star Yayaying Rhatha Phongam Debuts in ‘Only God Forgives’

Yayaying Rhatha Phongam’s Hollywood debut wasn’t easy. In ‘Only God Forgives,’ the 30-year-old Thai singer plays a prostitute—and her love interest is Ryan Gosling. She discusses her transition to acting. On The Daily Beast, you can read my latest article, … Continue reading

The Daily Beast: “The Shining”: The Craziest Theories Behind the Film

Since Under the Dome premiered a few weeks ago, Stephen King–the author of the book the CBS miniseries is based upon–has been making headlines and his name is coming up more frequently in conversations at the water cooler. Whenever an episode … Continue reading