BuzzFeed: 14 Of Jay-Z’s Most Hilarious Tweets


Jay-Z sent the Twitterverse aflutter in one day with his new #mylaugh hashtag, proving that not only can he break the Internet, but also pen his thoughts as hilarious one-liners.

At BuzzFeed, you can read my latest post, “14 Of Jay-Z’s Most Hilarious Tweets.”

1. Jay-Z on the alphabet.

Jay-Z on the alphabet.

Whether he’s spelling “haha” in Spanish or just throwing out random letters, he listens to the demands of his fans.

2. Jay-Z on variety.

Jay-Z on variety.

He keeps it real. He would rather die than listen to the same tunes every day.

3. Jay-Z on haters.

Jay-Z on haters.

He figures liking his album “Magna Carta Holy Grail” should be as simple as enjoying Christmas or ice cream.

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