Five Juiciest Reveals of Comic-Con: From Superman to ‘Veronica Mars’


The streets of San Diego are glittering with geek dust today as the famed Comic-Con commenced on Sunday, wrapping up a four-day event which bubbled with excitement, and was full of cosplay outfits, industry parties, and major fandom recognition. Pop-culture aficionados gathered in packed ballrooms for panels with bated breath to get some close-ups with their favorite artists, creators, and actors. Members of the HBO Games of Thrones cast—include Peter Dinklage and author George R.R. Martin—reopened some old wounds from the infamous “Red Wedding” and the folks of Showtime’s Dexter made their last appearance for the show in an emotional farewell. Some of the best moments of the festival, however, were the secrets announced for upcoming films and TV.

“Supernatural” Crossover and Return of a Favorite!

Fallen angels, Felicia Day, oh my! Supernatural fans weren’t only given a sneak peak at what’s to come in Season 9—which premieres on CW on October 15—but were privy to some details about a crossover show based on a character who will be introduced on Episode 20 of the show, as announced by Executive Producer Bob Singer. The crowd also went wild when Felicia Day arrived on stage to confirm she would be returning to the show in her beloved role as Charlie. [TV Line, IGN]

Batman vs. Superman

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s Superman and Batman? Forget about the Joss Whedon reveal that The Avengers sequel would be named Age of Utron. The Hall H audience members cheered at the announcement that two major superheroes would be facing off in the next blockbuster DC Universe crossover, set to be released during the summer of 2015. Despite lukewarm reviews of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, the director will be returning to get behind the camera to helm this adventure, with a screenplay by the Man of Steel and Batman trilogy co-writer David Goyer. Christopher Nolan will be producing this feature, and the Man of Steel cast—including Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, and Diane Lane—will be returning. However, since Christian Bale has nixed the idea of ever putting back on the Batman cape, the actor to play the lead role is still a mystery. [E! Online, Paste]

Under the Dome” Keeping Us On Our Toes

Just how different will CBS’s Under the Dome be from the original Stephen King novel? Producer Brian K. Vaughn ended the show’s panel by telling fans that even if they’ve read the book and think they know where the dome comes from, they’re wrong. Also, King had given his blessing to change up the characters and the story lines, as Vaughn told the crowd, “He told us to use this ongoing TV series to take these characters to places that I couldn’t.” [Los Angeles Times]

Veronica Mars”… All Grown-Up

After a successful Kickstarter campaign (collecting a whopping $5.7 million), Veronica Mars fans were greeted with the familiar faces of Kristen Bell and creator Rob Thomas on stage. They showed the first trailer for the upcoming feature and revealed an older Veronica Mars as a New York City lawyer about to embark on a ten-year Neptune High reunion and the chance to partake in another mystery. Supporters were also teased at the prospect that Veronica and Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) could get close again. [Huffington Post, New York Daily News]

The Walking Dead” Gets Darker and Premiere Date Gets Revealed

Fans no longer have to wait… to know the Season 4 premiere date of The Walking Dead. The new showrunner, Scott Gimple revealed that the AMC zombie thriller would premiere on October 13, and discussed some plot twists–albiet still keeping most of the new story lines a secret. The trailer they ran showed that more action would be taking place outside of the prison with the walkers and inside of it (!) and we would get to see more of comic-fan-favorite Tyrese (Chad Coleman) in a larger role. [The Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles Times]


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