The Daily Beast: Skrillex, the Black Keys & More Music Videos Starring Children

black keys

Teens across the U.S. will be joining game show host Alex Trebek for some “What is…” brain teaser responses on Jeopardy! Kids Week on ABC, which premieres tonight. In the spirit of giving kudos to some awesome children, I’d like to take a look back at an article I wrote for The Daily Beast in March: “Skrillex, the Black Keys & More Music Videos Starring Children (VIDEO).

The kids in M83’s video use their superpowers. Danny Brown’s youthful doppelgänger gets into trouble. WATCH VIDEO of the most interesting music videos featuring young actors.

In Wavves’ latest video, “Demon to Lean On,” the indie band reveals the seedy underbelly of trash dumps, and shows a group of lost boys—as dirty as Pig-Pen from Charlie Brown, and as fierce as the tykes in Lord of the Flies—wreaking havoc in a landfill. From Jack White to Calvin Harris, see the most creative and thought-provoking music videos portraying the youth as bad-ass kids and reminding us of what it’s like to be young again.

Danny Brown: “Grown Up”

Oh, so that’s how Danny Brown lost his teeth (see 1:00)! In this comedic peek into the rapper’s rebellious childhood, his young doppelgänger—decked in impeccable, stylish swag—runs around town pushing over trashcans, swiping books off the shelves at libraries, and rapping out by the schoolyard.

M83: “Midnight City”

Is this a school for the children of X-Men? In M83’s “Midnight City” video, we get to see the power of these telekinetic young’uns as they bust out of their boarding school for the gifted with the goal of being normal kids—you know, the kind that have glowing eyes and like to telepathically spin trailers in the air. These special little ones return in M83’s “Reunion” video.

Jack White: “Sixteen Saltines”

These kids are some serious badasses. This “Sixteen Saltines” video montages depraved teens at their worst, from huffing drugs in gas masks to holding onto dismembered digits. Rocker Jack White shows up in the video hogtied in the backseat of a car, struggling to get out, while a demonic, Smurf-tinted lad pours gasoline all over the vehicle (see 2:20).

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