Must Watch: Jason Bateman, Ed Helms, Jason Sudeikis, and Will Forte as Mumford & Sons

As if Mumford & Sons wasn’t already cool enough… They released their latest music video for “Hopeless Wanderer” off of their Babel album on Sunday, which featured a whole lot of banjo playing, barnyard dancing, and vest wearing. Oh, and the guys weren’t in the video; instead, they were portrayed by the best of the best of comedic actors—Jason Sudeikis, Will Forte, Jason Bateman, and Ed Helms. Watch the video and then see photos of the best moments below.

Mumford & Sons must drag all their instruments like a marching band, with Helms having the most trouble moving a piano on wheels.

mumford 1

The bromance… oh the bromance between Helms and Bateman.

mumford 2

Sudeikis as frontman Marcus Mumford having to carry a drum, his guitar, and a tambourine while he plays.

mumford 3

Helms shivering to the lyrics “You brought me out from the cold / Now, how I long, how I long to grow old.”

mumford 4

That beard. Forte brilliantly channels his inner Ted Dwayne.

mumford 5

They band together for an emotional moment as Bateman tries to taste Forte’s tears.

mumford 6

This romantic embrace between Sudeikis and Forte. Beards are sexy.

mumford 7

Bateman shredding it on a banjo.

mumford 8

The look on Helms’ face when Bateman smashes his banjo into his piano.

mumford 9


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