Twitter (the ‘Mean Girls’ of the Internet) on Ben Affleck as Batman

Ben AFfleck robin

In case you missed it, Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel… and the Internet won’t let him forget he already played a regrettable superhero in 2003’s Daredevil.

People took to Twitter to express their nerd outrage over the casting choice–one which was surprisingly predicted three weeks ago by an AMC News host who called Affleck Warner Bros.’ “golden child.” A petition asking the movie studio to remove him from the role has surfaced and has already garnered over 1,200 signatures (at the time this post was written). Sure, there is some massive evil going on in Syria and Egypt right now, but the public has bigger fish to fry…

And that fish is Batfleck.

It’s as if everyone has traveled back in time and still think Affleck is with Jenny from the Block, sporting the velour FUBU track suits, and starring in box office failure Gigli. What happened to his adorable family with Jennifer Garner that the US Weekly readers were eating up? Did everyone forget that they rallied for Affleck to win Best Picture for Argo at the Academy Awards last year? Apparently, all those memories are gone baby, gone, and the general public seems to like him more as a director than an actor. And to be honest, they’re acting like the Plastics from Mean Girls.

People were pissed:




There was “nerdy disappointment” to be had:


But on the bright side:


Some people were baffled by the hate on Affleck:

Ben Affleck 1

Ben Affleck 2

Others wanted him to be reunited with Matt Damon:

Ben Affleck 3

The hashtag #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck began trending, with suggestions of Alan Rickman and 2Chainz as celebrities who would make a better Batman:

Ben Affleck 4

Celebrities took to Twitter to poke fun at the situation:

Ben AFfleck 5

Ben Affleck 6

While some kicked him in the balls:

Ben Affleck 7

One tweeter reminded folks about the same type of hate on Heath Ledger when he was chosen for the role of the Joker:

Ben Affleck 10

Another made a great comparison to the fanboy anger:

Ben Affleck 11

But really though…

Ben Affleck 9


5 thoughts on “Twitter (the ‘Mean Girls’ of the Internet) on Ben Affleck as Batman

  1. I think the world needs to wake up and realize that Dare Devil was ten years ago. Since then he has done some fantastic things, including directing and starring in Argo (which won best picture). I’m hoping for the best.

    • Agreed! People are being a little quick to judge and I’d like to see how it plays out. The only problem is Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel wasn’t all that awesome, but hope he does a better job at the sequel!

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