Going Viral: The Most Hilarious Moments from Ylvis’ Bizarre Music Video for ‘The Fox’

Miley Cyrus has some competition in the department of entourages clothed in animal costumes since her shocking MTV . Norwegian brothers Bård Ylvisåker and Vegard Ylvisåke launched their music video for “The Fox” on Sept. 3, and within four days, the YouTube video has already amassed almost 2.5 million visitors. The EDM-generic track pairs ridiculous lyrics musing on the sound foxes make with equally silly visuals. Some are calling it the song of the summer, the next “Gangnam Style,” or that Ylvisi is the next “The Lonely Island” parody group. Watch the video for yourself and then see photo stills of the funniest moments from the video below.

He gets the basics of the nursery rhyme “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” down.


Almost …


But he has one burning question:


Here are some possible answers:




When a grandfather reads a bedtime story to a child and makes the sound of a fox, is it correct?


Right before this lyric, he sings, “Your fur is red / So beautiful.”


Wait, there’s also advice on how to talk to a horse: through morse code … because “morse” rhymes with “horse.”


Another thought on what a fox might sound like:


But the question still remains…


Ylvis seriously wants to know.



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