Arcade Fire Releases ‘Reflektor’ Single Through Interactive Online Video


It’s finally here! Wait no longer for the highly anticipated new Arcade Fire single, “Reflektor.” Although the rock band has been hinting through graffiti-like artwork in New York that the new single would be released tonight, 9/9 at 9 p.m., Christmas has come early this year, and they dropped the track through a unique online experience. With the use of high-speed Internet coupled with a smartphone or tablet, go to Just a Reflektor to hear the over seven-minutes-long track. It’s just as creative as their interactive video using HTML5 back when they released The Suburbs in 2010. James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem produced the album, set to release on Oct. 29, and David Bowie has been rumored to sing on the first single–and it does sound like it’s him!

Something else to look forward to is that Arcade Fire will be performing on the season premiere of NBC’s Saturday Night Livewith Tina Fey hosting the show on Sept. 28!

Update 2:46 p.m. PST:

The music video for “Reflecktor” has been released! And it’s full of black and white noir goodness, with some very large heads…


4 thoughts on “Arcade Fire Releases ‘Reflektor’ Single Through Interactive Online Video

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