Weekend Roundup: Three Entertainment Stories You Need to Know

From Britney Spears’ hot new single to the racist Twitter explosion over Miss America, read about what you might have missed over the weekend.

Justin Bieber Sets Internet Ablaze with Tease at Batman and Robin Role


The Biebs sure knows how to rouse up his fans. The crooner took to Instagram on Friday to post a photo of a “Batman vs. Superman” script with a “Bieber” watermark on it, and included a “#Robin” hashtag. The photo itself has already amassed over 800,000 likes, and the Internet basically broke down with folks loving and fearing the idea that the pop singer could play Robin alongside of Ben Affleck. (What happened to Matt Damon playing his sidekick?) However, just hours before he posted the Instagram snapshot, Bieber tweeted to his fans, “Off to do something funny…die :)” Josh Dickey from The Wrap assured people that the script was indeed not for the Man of Steel 2 film, and was most likely just for a Funny or Die sketch. However, Batfleck is still very real. [The Wrap, Huffington Post]

Britney Spears Drops ‘Work Bitch’ Track Early

It’s Britney, bitch! There has been a great deal of buzz surrounding Britney Spears’ “Work Bitch” track, which was scheduled to be released today at 6 p.m. EST on the radio. However, a low-quality version of the song was leaked online early Sunday morning and the pop diva was forced to debut the mastered version the same day. She tweeted about the leak and included a sad face emoticon. In the EDM-heavy track, she teaches her fans about what it takes to get what you want. The opening lyrics say it all: “You want a hot body, you want a Bugatti, you want a Maserati? You better work, bitch.” [Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly]

First Indian-American Crowned as Miss America


Work it, girl! Nina Davuluri, 24, won the Miss America pageant Sunday night and became the first Indian-American woman to snag the crown. She wowed the judges with her Bollywood dance during the talent portion of the show, and also with her smarts—the New Yorker graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in brain behavior and cognitive science. She is also a champion for living a healthy lifestyle, as she struggled with bulimia when she was younger. However, once she was crowned, people took to Twitter with hateful and racist remarks, calling her everything from a “terrorist” to “Miss Al Qaeda” and “Miss 7-11.” [CNN, BuzzFeed]

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