Three Videos You Need to Watch: From ‘Breaking Badapalooza’ to Kanye West

Breaking Bad

‘Breaking Bad’ on ‘Conan’

The final episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad will air next Sunday, Sept. 29, and in celebration of the end of an epic era, Conan O’Brien hosted “Breaking Badapalooza” last night on his show on TBS. It was a star-studded night with cast members Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gun, and Dean Norris, as well as creator Vince Gilligan dropping by. One of the best moments, however, was when Cranston read aloud an erotic fan mail letter involving himself and Paul. Hilarity ensues. [Gawker, Rolling Stone]

Aziz Ansari’s ‘Buried Alive’ Special

Anziz Ansari is at it again! The NBC Parks and Recreation’s Tom Haverford just released his first trailer for his stand-up comedy special, Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive, which will be distributed exclusively on Netflix on Nov. 1. The special was filmed in Philadelphia during his international, 75-city tour, and the comedian quips on his favorite topics including love, family, and marriage. In this trailer, he joins fellow comedic superstar Seth Rogen discussing ways to promote Buried Alive, with the most ridiculous results. [Variety, The Hollywood Reporter]

Kanye West’s Mind-Blowing Interview on BBC1

Yeezus, Kanye West sure knows how to become immortalized with his rants. In the first part of a weeklong series, which aired on Monday, Zane Lowe of BBC1 interviewed the hip-hop supernova–the first interview since West’s latest album was released. West talks about how he has hit the “glass ceiling, as a creative person” and how he compares to Michael Jackson and Jay-Z. He also goes into a memorable chat about changing music, by saying, “So I’m gonna take music and I’m going to try to make it three-dimensional, like [long pause], like in Star Wars, and the hologram’ll pop up out of R2-D2.” Yes, it gets better. Watch the video below. [Slate, NYDN]


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