The Daily Beast: Paris Hilton’s Trippy Los Angeles Release Party For Her Single With Lil Wayne

Paris Hilton Single Release Party For "Good Time" Featuring Lil Wayne

Paris Hilton tried her hand at DJing in L.A. at a fete celebrating the release of her new single with Lil Wayne, “Good Time.” I reported from inside the bizarre bash.

In The Daily Beast, you can read my latest article, “Paris Hilton’s Trippy Los Angeles Release Party For Her Single With Lil Wayne.”

That, it seems, is what Miss Hilton is going for. Tan and fresh-faced from her summer DJ residency in Ibiza, the leggy blond took to the ones and twos at her single-release party for “Good Time” at SBE’s Create Nightclub in the heart of Hollywood, California. The joint was brimming with celebrity guests, fans, and club kids eager to get a peek at heiress’s DJing chops. Were the people there to cheer her on or pray for her to fail?

It’s Tuesday night at 11:30 p.m. The entrance to the 20,000 square-foot nightclub is a sea of asphalt—a huge parking lot. Girls are milling outside in mini-dresses and low-cropped tops talking to bouncers behind the red velvet ropes. At the far end of the lot is a red carpet where former contestants from The X Factor and Project Runway stroll down. Christina Milian—who starred with Hilton in Rich Gang’s “Tapout” music video earlier this year—is one of the biggest stars to walk the carpet.

Excitement erupts when the 32-year-old Hilton arrives. She struts out in a black Versace mini-dress (gold-studded with a lion head emblem featured on the front) paired with stiletto boots. Her Spanish model beau River Viiperi, 22, stands off to the side, lugging two large purses and a pink quilted laptop bag. He refuses to answer any questions from the media. “It’s about her, not about me,” he shouts. “Jesus Christ!”

He’s right: the event is all about Hilton. She’s celebrating her foray back into recording music after the failure of her 2006 debut album, the reggae-infused Paris. “Good Time” is the first single she’s released in seven years, a song featuring platinum-selling rapper Lil Wayne, and produced by dance music maestro (and former boyfriend) Afrojack. Her new album, released via Lil Wayne’s Cash Money Records label, is expected to drop in early 2014 with collaborations from the likes of Snoop Dogg and Flo Rida.

“My first album was very pop,” Hilton tells The Daily Beast. “This [upcoming] one is very inspired by dance music and electro-pop. It’s very fun, bouncy, and [has a] lot of club bangers.”

Inside Create Nightclub, the place is packed with a young, mixed crowd ranging from the model-esque to local scenesters. One bespectacled man on the balcony is wearing a white tank top that has “STOP BEING POOR” emblazoned across its chest. Dance music is blaring, along with a mix of top 40 tracks from Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” to Kanye West’s “New Slaves.” The back of the stage and the DJ booth are adorned with wall-to-wall LED screens. Nearly 100 friends and family of Hilton’s are standing behind the DJ booth on stage.

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