Amy’s Baking Company Dishes On What To Expect On Her Reality TV Show


At, you can read my latest article, “Amy’s Baking Company Dishes On What To Expect On Her Reality TV Show.” Check out the article below:

“We’ve had to weed through the crazy—like photos of kitty cats,” Amy Bouzaglo told LAist.

Bouzaglo and her husband Samy recently put out a job listing/casting call on Facebook asking for servers and bussers to apply to work at Amy’s Baking Company—and for their new reality TV show. They’re getting a variety of applicants, including furry animals. It’s not surprising that they’re getting trolled by people over the internet—and that some may be hesitant to join the staff. After all, the beleaguered restaurant was featured on Fox’s “Kitchen Nightmares” in May in a negative media firestorm, showing that they kept tips from their servers, screamed at their employees and customers and served frozen food disguised as fresh.

Irwin Entertainment, the company that has produced other fine reality TV shows such as “Celebrity Rehab” and “Couples Therapy” is giving Amy’s Baking Company the Hollywood touch. Bouzaglo was mum on which network is picking them up; however, they are expected to start shooting in a couple of weeks.

“This [show] is about the real Samy and Amy Bouzaglo,” she said. “[It’s about] how we are 100 percent the polar opposite of how we were portrayed on ‘Kitchen Nightmares.'”

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