‘Tinder: The Movie,’ A Hilarious Parody Of ‘The Social Network’


At, you can read my latest piece, “‘Tinder: The Movie,’ A Hilarious Parody Of ‘The Social Network.'” Check out the article below:

The Tinder app is on fire in the online dating world, so much so that a trailer for a fake movie has been released. Tinder:The Movie is a spoof on director David Fincher’s 2010 film The Social Network from the minds of Bad Weather Films, and takes a hilarious look into how the app was created. There are also nods to social awkwardness and Justin Timberlake’s portrayal of Facebook’s Sean Parker from The Social Network, all set to a cover of Radiohead’s “Creep.”

“I need to create something that’s going to help me meet girls,” the fictional creator of Tinder says in the trailer, which later gets more dramatic with “I didn’t make Tinder to hook up with random girls!”

The dating app, which launched last year allows people to select potential dating candidates in their area via photos in a similar fashion to the early 2000 phenomenon Hot-Or-Not. If the two select each other, they’re a “match” and can begin chatting.

We can only hope that this parody becomes a real movie one day.


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