Lord Huron’s Music Evokes Wide-Eyed Western Adventures In Exotic Lands


At, you can read my article from Feb. 24, 2014, “Lord Huron’s Music Evokes Wide-Eyed Western Adventures In Exotic Lands.” Check out the article below:

Lord Huron‘s band members are on their way west towards L.A. after a long tour across the U.S. It only seems fitting that frontman Ben Schneider is talking to LAist while he’s traveling since everything about his indie-folk outfit evokes a feeling of adventure on the open road.

The wanderlust nature of Lord Huron extends way past its music, which has been compared to the likes of Fleet Foxes and My Morning Jacket. One of the most intriguing aspects of this band are the artistic, visual accompaniments with the tracks.

If you catch any of Lord Huron’s music videos and artwork, you’ll see 30-year-old Schneider and his band mates embody characters you’d expect out of a spaghetti Western. They’ll be getting chased down in the desert, trekking though snowy, distant lands, and exploring caves set against a backdrop of stars. And yet, you’ll never be able to quite pinpoint where they’re at—it all feels exotic. (In the “She Lit a Fire” music video, you’d think the story echoes a Davy Crockett tale, but the opening scene is a beach lined with a building that seems straight out of Aladdin.)

“[It’s about] creating a singular universe where it’s hard to put your finger on,” Schneider tells LAist.

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