The Juicy Bits You Missed From The Oscars Press Room

86th Annual Academy Awards - Show

I attended the Oscars this year and reported from the press room. At, you can read my latest article from March 3, 2014, “The Juicy Bits You Missed From The Oscars Press Room.” Check out the article below:

Sure, there may have been slices of pizza being passed around the Dolby Theatre, but back at the press room, there were yet more surprises from the Oscar winners: director Steve McQueen explained his high jump on stage, Brad Pitt divulged the dirty things he had to do before he got to the Oscars and Jared Leto became a minor press room hero.

Jared Leto Gets Everyone to Fondle His Oscars Statue:

Leto was on a high after winning his first Best Supporting Actor statuette for his role in Dallas Buyers Club, so much so that he wanted to share the love and asked everyone in the press room to “fondle” his statuette. We all grabbed hold of it (and it was pretty heavy—at least 10 pounds) and let our grubby hands fingerprint the shiny gold. He encouraged us to do more with it: “If you guys want to get a selfie with the Oscar, go for it. Now’s your chance.” Of course, everyone was quickly warned they weren’t allowed to take photos in the room. He became a semi-hero for the night by saying, “Oh, no fun. You guys want to get media, let the media do what they do. Viva la revolution, baby.” Everyone cheered.

How Robin Mathews’ Had To Use Grits and Cornmeal On Matthew McConaughey as Makeup:

It’s pretty amazing what Adruitha Lee and Robin Mathews were able to do with hair and makeup for Dallas Buyers Club, considering they only had a scant $250 budget to work with (the entire film was only made on $4.5 million!). Mathews explained how she had to go back to “old‑school techniques, you know, back to stuff they did in the silent days.” That included using grits and cornmeal on Matthew McConaughey to replicate the rashes with yellow pustules that people with AIDS would get. McConaughey was a strong advocate that she do it with low-end techniques.

“I can’t put grits and cornmeal on your face, dude,” Mathews recalled telling him. “And he insisted I do it because it looked right. It matched the pictures. So I’m really glad it turned out okay, because I thought it might be the end of my career.”

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