Dissecting ‘Gravity’: 11 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Film

Critics and fans alike are still buzzing about Gravity, director Alfonso Cuarón’s 3D space adventure. It already amassed $55.6 million on its opening weekend, which Deadline reported as the largest October opening weekend in history. Before you head out to … Continue reading

Film Review: ‘Gravity’ Soars in 3D and Digital Filmmaking

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Film Review: ‘Prisoners’ Captivates as an Intense and Smart Crime Thriller

In the tradition of crime procedurals centered on serial killers (such as Se7en and Silence of the Lambs), Prisoners explores the same genre with a similar suspenseful and haunting effect. The film, out in theaters now, has audiences guessing the … Continue reading

Three Videos You Need to Watch: From ‘Breaking Badapalooza’ to Kanye West

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Film Review: ‘Thanks For Sharing’ Delves Deep in the Lives of Recovering Sex Addicts

If there was a film that gave a genuine and light-hearted look at sex addiction, it would be this one. Thanks For Sharing is the feature directorial debut for screenwriter Stuart Blumberg of 2010’s The Kids Are Alright (which also … Continue reading

The Daily Beast: Tony Leung on His Journey to Kung Fu Spirituality in ‘The Grandmaster’

In the kung fu epic The Grandmaster, Cannes award-winning actor Tony Leung trained for four years. And he broke his arm twice. He talks about his transformation. On The Daily Beast, you can read my latest article, “Tony Leung on His … Continue reading